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This is a dreadful granny horror game story. You won’t believe how terrifying this game is! This game presents a haunted hospital where you will be caught in the horror grandmother trap. You have to escape no matter what.

This haunted scary granny creepy house is full of evil spirits. Fear will be your greatest enemy. You have to stay calm and escape the horror grandmother trap. There will be banshees and ghosts, you cannot step foot in their way. Escaping the haunted hospital is the only move left. 

What’s Inside?

  • A creepy granny to frighten you 
  • Evil banshees and spirits 
  • Shocking sound effects 
  • Exclusive spooky graphics 
  • Fluid controls 
  • Challenging gameplay 

The Best Horror Escape Game 

This granny horror hospital game lets you enjoy fearsome gameplay. You must discover various supernatural hints to escape the hospital. Every room will be filled with deadly surprises. Can you conquer your fear and escape from this sinister hospital alive?

Avoid The Evils & Stay Alive In One Piece

This gruesome haunted escape house simulator game is spine chilling! You will face numerous creepy challenges. To top it off, the scary granny is always present to make your survival quite hard. You have to avoid the insane granny spirit along with other horrific beings to stay alive. 

Horror Environment With Excellent Graphics 

Want to experience the best horror game? Do you love scary movies and games? Then this insane realistic graphics plus sound effects will overwhelm you. The fantastic screenplay will seem close to real and ready to scare you the most.

Our creepy granny is waiting to haunt you! Do you have the courage to deal with this horror challenge? Escape the hospital by using various tricks to stay alive. Enjoy Creepy Granny gameplay and prove yourself the bravest person. 





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