Plarafy is an interactive entertainment company for the mobile gaming world, with people all around the world playing one or more of our games.

We have developed more than 13 fun titles, and offer games that are enjoyed all around the world.

Our franchises include  Shoot Ball, GunShot War (Call of Mini Doodly Army), 3D Bowling, Panda Pop, Logic Puzzle, Creepy Granny and Fruit Slicer (Master Cut). More coming soon!

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What Gamers Are Saying

Bowling game is so cool, love to have more bowling tournament and rewards.

Bob Kurt Bob Kurt

Are you bored? Try fruit slicer and Hill Climber game, very addictive and entertaining.

Li Ragnish Li Ragnish

Have been playing snooker offline but 8 balls pool makes so much difference.

Eric Paul Eric Paul

Recent News

FunRun 3D Run: Stickman Fun Run Race Game.

Are you in hunt for thrilling stickman run or run race 3d games? FunRun 3D Run: Stickman Fun Run Race Game is designed to take you on a exhilarating run jump games. Playing the game:Stick man run game is for everyone! Tap and hold to boost the stick man jumping power and release to overcome […]

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Call Granny: Creep Barbie Granny Game

This is a dreadful granny horror game story. You won’t believe how terrifying this game is! This game presents a haunted hospital where you will be caught in the horror grandmother trap. You have to escape no matter what. This haunted scary granny creepy house is full of evil spirits. Fear will be your greatest […]

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